How Does the Arizona Rim Country Offer the Perfect Outdoor Activity and Small Town Life Experience?

The small town, active, outdoors atmosphere of the Arizona Rim Country is just right for retirees and young families. It is the moderate climate combined with spectacular views and opportunities for recreation that make the Arizona Rim country a popular destination for retirees. Though the population in this area is growing, there is still plenty of space to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of small town life in the northern areas of Arizona.The benefits of living in one of the small towns in the Arizona Rim Country are many. Friendly neighbors become family. The area is virtually crime free. But it is the readily available outdoor recreation that is most attractive to growing families as well as active senior citizens.Outdoor Activities in the Arizona Rim CountryFishing – If you like to fish, this area contains several species of fish in beautiful mountain lakes of the Rim Country. During the summer, the temperatures are warm without being overwhelming. It is easy and enjoyable to spend an entire weekend on one of these lakes, enjoying the great fishing and scenic views.Camping and Hiking – Both rustic and facility filled campgrounds are scattered throughout the mountains. Families love the backpacking and day hiking through the forests of the Arizona Rim Country. At night, you can relax by the campfire and listen to the sounds of the night while looking up at the star-filled sky. Young and old alike enjoy the fantastic opportunities to be active and then rest in the middle of the natural scenic wonder that is the Arizona.Horseback Riding – If you love horses, this area is a great place to settle down with your own ranch or visit close by ranches that rent out horses to visitors.Biking – There are numerous trails for mountain bikers to navigate and enjoy. You won’t find a better place to bring your family if you enjoy biking through forested mountain trails.If you are considering leaving the city for a smaller town and want to provide access to outdoor activities to yourselves and/or your children, check out the small towns of the Arizona Rim Country. You may just find your slice of Heaven.