Know the Travel Cover Options for Backpackers That Count

Travel insurance is something that people still debate the importance of. But whether you’re taking a gap year to travel or just backpacking across Europe or Asia for a few weeks, it pays to be covered. Not only will it make your health and safety abroad less of an issue, it is also the best preventive measure against unnecessary expenses in case of emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.But with all the available travel cover options – both online and offline – how do you decide on a policy that best suits your backpacking needs? Here are some key details to help you decide on a specific option.Consider Your DestinationsThe value of travel cover options has a lot to do with the destinations you are planning to visit and the activities you are planning to do. Backpackers travel insurance is usually different from other types in that it is specifically designed for individuals who plan to visit several countries for an extended period of time without a specified number of days per country. This is different to multi-trip insurance, which normally has a 30-day limit for every country visited. When considering your itinerary for the whole year, or even the lack of a solid itinerary, make sure the policy you choose will cover you wherever you go.Compare Benefits from Different ProvidersThe best type of travel cover option for backpackers varies from one individual to another, simply because no two itineraries are the same in terms of the number of days and list of cities that will be visited. While some backpackers plan an adventure-filled year, others may opt to have a quieter, more laid-back type of holiday. Thus, just because two people may be both backpackers it doesn’t mean they need the same type of insurance policy. Having said this, there are a number of plans that allow you to better weigh your options when it comes to the level of coverage, and the accompanying price. However, the key to getting what you need is to read the fine print, know the basic coverage you need (such as medical and baggage insurance, and don’t automatically choose the cheaper policy.The ‘Know Before You Go’ CampaignThe Know Before You Go campaign is an informative initiative designed to keep different types of travellers safe and healthy wherever they go. Not only will it allow you to educate yourself on essential country-specific guidelines, it will also ultimately help you decide on a travel cover option that best suits your particular plans. From vaccination requirements and weather conditions to documentation requirements and cultural expectations, it pays to be informed and prepared regarding different aspects of travelling abroad.