How You Should Plan a European Backpacking Trip

If excitement and exploration of everything that is beautiful is what you will be searching for in your vacation, backpacking through the European continent may just be your ultimate trip. A mixture of hiking, exploration and camping is a very exciting way to get a glimpse of the distinct landscape of Europe.1. You should plan your trip as precisely as you can. Backpacking isn’t really something that may be done without prior planning. The European continent includes a lot of countries to be able to visit them all in own single excursion, so you may want to narrow down most of the countries you are interested in visiting. Try to obtain as many travel guides or books related to traveling as you can to have an idea about your possible future destinations.2. Try to estimate costs so that you do not run out of money halfway through your excursion. Although you will be backpacking, you may still have to buy various things before your excursion or along your way through Europe. Costs may include air flight tickets, meals, passports, hostels lodging or different ways of transportation between cities.3. Try to keep in touch with your family or friends. This may be planned in advance by buying calling cards. This will most certainly offer you a means of safety because if something should happen, your family members will have an idea where you may be.4. Packing carefully. Select a backpack which may carry a lot of things and doesn’t really hurt your own back. You should pack diverse clothing to be able to accommodate the distinct European weather conditions, and bring with your good walking shoes. It is also a good thing to bring with you a set of traveling sheets to use for hostel beds, a first aid kit, a video camera, maybe a towel as well as a knife.5. Staying safe and cautious should be your main thought. Although a lot of tourists may consider Europe pretty safe, maybe even safer than the United States, it’s always a good thing to be cautious. You should always try to be polite, alert just in case, and confident on yourself. Try to not look too “touristy;” this might make the average travelers a target for thieves.Try to keep all the above guidelines into mind for your next backpacking European trip and you will most likely have your dream vacation.